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ILS Supports Andy Skirrow Projects at Bregenz Festival

Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) played a supporting role to Andy Skirrow Projects and Cameron Balloons this summer at the Bregenz Festival 2019/20 in Austria.

Our LED modules were used to illuminate a giant balloon which was deployed as a key element of the stage set.
The collaboration resulted in an RGBW solution that provided a quality, 360-degree illumination, emphasising the printed high-resolution fabric without compromising weight restrictions. Continue Reading »

New: LEDiL Daisy low glare optics & 3m Linda extrusion optics

DAISY-8X1 – The perfect Dark Light in 12 inches (305 mm) with 1.5-inch (38.1 mm) LED pitch

DAISY-8X1 is the latest addition to the DAISY family of low glare optics for premium office, retail and general lighting. DAISY-8X1 is just 12 inches long and has been designed to match up with the US ceiling grid. This Dark Light solution combines great aesthetics with efficient, human centric lighting thanks to excellent tunable white performance and enables the creation of beautiful, continuous row luminaires for a seamless look. Optics are available in matt black or white with beam angles to support different ceiling heights. DAISY-8X1 is optimized for a cluster of 2835 LEDs and compatible with up to 5630 size mid-power LED packages. Continue Reading »

LEDiL – Are reflectors becoming redundant?


Reflectors have been the main choice in fashion retail for many years. However, as technology keeps evolving, lenses are becoming more and more popular, leaving the industry questioning whether traditional reflectors have a role to play in the future. Continue Reading »

Immerse yourself in another world: Infrared LEDs from Osram make virtual and augmented reality applications even “more real”

Firefly SFH 4030 and SFH 4060 expands Osram’s photonics portfolio for eye-tracking systems

Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications will become more widespread in the coming years. They have long played a central role in areas far beyond classic gaming. Various global players have used these technologies for training purposes or integrated them firmly into their daily work processes. As these applications become part of our everyday lives, some users are developing feelings of discomfort and dizziness when the virtual and real perceptions do not match. Osram’s new Firefly SFH 4030 and SFH 4060 help to prevent these side effects by enabling state-of-the-art eye-tracking solutions that provide a targeted point of reference, allowing users to safely immerse in other worlds. Continue Reading »

LEDiL optics and new b+w hybrid 630 COB holders

Connectivity with an infinite number of COBs

Bender+Wirth has introduced a new COB Holder series, Hybrid 630, that combines the design flexibility of injection molding with the thermal performance of micanite.

Continue Reading »

Customize your luminaire with ALISE accessories

Luminaires fitted with ALISE can also be customized using LEDiL original accessories. These include three different sizes of mounting ring, together with diffused and clear sub-lenses. If required, the reflector and sublens, can easily be attached to the luminaire using the mounting rings. Continue Reading »

One step ahead in human-machine interaction with eye tracking

Eye tracking opens up a wealth of new intuitive interactions between man and machine. Powerful computer chips, highly efficient and miniaturized infrared LEDs in combination with modern camera sensors now make it possible for previously complex eye-tracking systems to be adapted for consumer applications. Continue Reading »

New, robust Osram LED extends the day

The Osconiq P 3030 high-power LED provides long lifetime and excellent brightness and efficiency values in flashlights and work lamps

While sunsets can be stunning and relaxing to watch, they can also be stressful by making visibility difficult during late evening walks or long hours at construction sites. Flashlights and work lamps improve safety for walkers and workers by lighting these areas at night. Now, the manufacturers of these lighting solutions can benefit from the highly reliable, long-lasting (> 70,000h) and robust Osconiq P 3030. Continue Reading »

MX Series, the ultimate in street, area, car park and industrial lighting optics

Overcome the challenges of lighting demanding outdoor and industrial environment Continue Reading »

New LEDiL products for June 2019

New products for June 2019. DAISY-7X1 is now available in glossy white, matt white and matt black. DAISY-2X2 now also comes in glossy white, while the 16 lens STRADELLA 50 x 50 mm gets a new ME beam for street lighting. We have also added a new oval beam to our 40 mm wide linear lens family LINNEA in PMMA. Continue Reading »