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LEDiL’s LINDA-40 – Versatile 40 mm Free Pitch Extrusion

Zhaga compatible extrusion with innovative installation

LINDA-40 is a new addition to the LINDA family of free pitch extrusion lenses now available in a 40 mm wide option. The lenses are made from PMMA and are available in standard lengths of 1140 and 3010 mm with custom lengths available on request.

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LEDiL’s ZOE-30-ZOOM – Optimal adaptability for changing conditions

Continuous perfect field of vision with an infinitely adjustable beam

ZOE-30-ZOOM is a patent pending rotation zoom optic that ensures a perfect field of vision with an infinitely adjustable beam.

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DAISY-MINI Dark Light optic family that is only 21 mm wide, welcomes a new extra wide, batwing beam. The new optic has an 65-degree beam, ideal for retail, office and architectural applications. DAISY-MINI-WWW-D enables excellent surface uniformity making it the ideal optic in large spaces where even illumination is desired.

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NEW PRODUCT – ILS Micro Eye : Whites, Colours and InfraRed

The ILS Micro Eye is the latest compact high flux LED spotlight from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS). With a new smaller size, each Micro Eye contains at its heart an OSLON SSL 150 LED providing up to 100,000 hours lifetime to 70% of original brightness. Through integrated heatsinking, the Micro Eye remains cool with a compact design. Connecting wires are attached as standard and have a threaded end for ease of installation. Continue Reading »

The future of light is dark – LEDiL DAISY

LEDiL DAISY welcomes a new wall-washing optic to the dark light family

The ever popular LEDiL DAISY Dark light family offers a wide range of low glare optics for premium office, retail or any other general lighting. DAISY makes it easy to create unobtrusive, discrete Dark Light lighting setups where the light source is barely visible.

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High bay lighting installations made easy!

HubSense – the new, wireless control system from OSRAM

High-bay installations with ceiling heights of more than 5 meters for lighting systems including motion and daylight sensors can be highly challenging and expensive at the same time. Most of the sensors available on the market are not suitable for installation heights above 5 meters – and the general installation, maintenance and service costs are usually higher than for ceilings with a height between 3 and 5 meters. And as a general rule, working on high-bay lighting installations takes more time and requires additional technical equipment, such as a boom lift. Continue Reading »

The new Planta Seed Lite modules: for optimal plant growth

Find out in this article why our two new LED modules are the perfect choice to enhance the success of your horticulture project.

Planta Seed Lite: the strong basis for optimal plant growth

Just imagine: one single model type and two different light recipes provide a reliable basis for 80 % of your horticulture projects – simply ideal for greenhouses, interlighting, or vertical farms. Sounds good? We make all this possible with the new addition to our PrevaLED Brick product family. Continue Reading »

LEDiL’s SPORT-2X2-S1 – Our narrowest, most powerful sport beam + new optic material for higher temperatures

SPORT-2X2-S1 provides a highly efficient narrow beam that can illuminate playing fields with superb candelas and uniformity from a great distance. In addition to its performance and suitability for different sports the S1 can help reduce sky glow outdoors.

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The LEDiL HEKLA family welcomes a new addition with the HEKLA-SOCKET-VERO18 that is compatible with Bridgelux VERO18, VERO13 as well as Bender & Wirth 4xx Typ L1 connectors. Continue Reading »

LEDiL Introduces HB-IP-24-M

~30° wide beam to complement our new IP-24 platform of ingress protected lenses for flat high-power 5050 size LED packages.

Shares the same outer dimensions and lens fastening as our popular STRADA-IP-2X6 lens family.

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