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LEDiL – Daisy the perfect solution for glare free indoor lighting

New beams available for DAISY, LINNEA-GC, ILONA and STRADA-IP-16MX product families.


DAISY – the perfect solution for pleasant, glare-free indoor lighting – gets 15 new variants in total. DAISY-4X1 is now available in a matt white and matt black finish. DAISY-28X1 gets ~50° beam with tighter cutoff and 7X1 lenses, while DAISY-7X1-W2 now comes with diffused lenses to accompany the clear ones. Continue Reading »

OSRAM – New chapter for LED projection

Thanks to 12 new products in the Osram Ostar Projection Power family, LED technology can now be used to achieve outstanding projector brightness.

As projectors grow more and more popular in home entertainment systems, so have the expectations of users. In addition to ever-higher resolutions, the focus is also on richer colors, contrasts and, of course, higher brightness. With the Ostar Projection Power family, Osram has succeeded for the first time in achieving projector brightness levels beyond the 3,000 ANSI lumen barrier using LEDs instead of conventional lamps, making them accessible to a broad market. Continue Reading »

ELLA – a new family of compact reflectors for miniature luminaires

Excellent light quality with uniform beam and reduced field angle Continue Reading »

New LEDiL retail / industrial lenses and reflectors launched

Excellent light quality with uniform beam and reduced field angle

ELLA is a 30 mm family of compact reflectors for miniature track lights and downlights optimized for 4–8 mm LES size COBs. The smart mechanical design results in excellent light quality with uniform beam and reduced field angle. ELLA offers four different beams and has higher thermal resistance compared to standard plastic reflectors so can be used in more powerful luminaires. Continue Reading »

LEDiL LINNEA-2R – the efficient industrial lighting solution for 2-row boards

Uniform aisle and floor lighting with excellent luminaire spacing

LINNEA-2R is an efficient solution for industrial lighting that can be used with Signify Fortimo Edge 2-row boards to achieve a higher LM/$ than two single row boards. The LINNEA-2R oval beam provides uniform aisle and floor lighting with excellent luminaire spacing. Available in PMMA. Continue Reading »

Osram commits to becoming climate neutral by 2030

Osram intends to become completely CO2-neutral within ten years. “As a globally operating company, Osram is fully aware of its responsibility towards sustainability. We have set ourselves the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030 and thus making an important contribution to society,” said Ingo Bank, CFO of OSRAM Licht AG. Starting in the current fiscal year, Osram will consistently reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and thus contribute to achieving the Paris Climate Protection Agreement. Continue Reading »

Your favorites in new splendor: Osram offers modern light for your gems

Not just for the front, but now also for the rear – Osram will introduce its new LED rear lighting at the Essen Motor Show 2019, November 30 to December 8. Everything at the Osram stand will revolve around LED upgrades. From front to rear lighting: Osram has the latest LED technology, even for self-retrofitting – just plug it in. Continue Reading »

Two Osram general lighting products receive Product Innovation Awards

Osconiq S 3030 Quantum Dot and Oslon Square honored by Architectural Products magazine for beauty and sustainability. Continue Reading »

New products for street and outdoor area lighting from LEDiL

STRADA-2X2, STRADELLA-16, STRADA-IP-2X6 and STRADA-IP-16MX product families have been updated with new beams for street and outdoor area lighting.


These beams are the first members of our new STRADELLA-8-CSP family optimized for top emitting CSP LEDs up to 0.55 mm high. The industry standard 50 x 50 mm lenses have exceptional performance with over 90 % optical efficiency. On a luminaire level they provide up to 150 lm/w* when used with the latest Fortimo FastFlex Gen 5 from Signify.

Continue Reading »

More lumens with less Watts using STRADELLA-8-CSP from LEDiL


Beam for EN13201 M-class requirements with high poles or where road width is equal or less the pole height. Continue Reading »