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Keep an eye on your health – Vital Sign Monitoring with optoelectronic devices from OSRAM

Picture: Vital Sign Monitoring. ©OSRAM

Technology for optical sensors for vital sign monitoring applications is advancing at a fast pace. In days of Covid the use of photoplesythmography (PPG) sensing for heart rate and blood oxygenation has become a key feature for wearable and medical devices. Continue Reading »

LEDiL VIOLET – Silicone Optic for UV-C Applications

New from LEDiL is the VIOLET Optic for UV-C applications. VIOLET is a silicone 12-lens array made from highly resistant UV materials. This ingress protected optic is an excellent solution in surface, air and water UV disinfection applications as well as for prevention of plant disease and insect infestation. The lens array is made from a special silicone grade having high UV transmittance and is held in place by a sturdy stainless-steel frame. Continue Reading »

UV LEDs for disinfection and sterilisation from ILS

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the awareness around ultraviolet (UV) technology for disinfection and sterilisation has increased dramatically. Although the germicide effects of UV light have been recognised for over 100 years, it appears that now more than ever we need to utilise this technology to help to stop the spread of the infection.

Continue Reading »

ILONA-ZOOM – The best zoom optic on the market

Packs the most punch and has the highest efficiency in the industry with well controlled cut-off

LEDiL’s ILONA-ZOOM is a patent pending rotation zoom optic enabling an infinitely adjustable beam from 13 to 48 degrees in a compact package. Continue Reading »

OSRAM – See more clearly when driving in the fog

Synios P2720 Converted Red (CR) improves safety on dull days with outstanding brightness values. Continue Reading »

LEDiL – New silicone optic, for UV applications


SAKURA – our new silicone lens can really take the heat
70 mm COB lens family for high lumen output retail and hospitality applications Continue Reading »

LEDiL – New Street Lighting Beams in Different Footprints

Four new street lighting beams in different footprints and a new uplight beam for the LINDA extrusion. Continue Reading »

OSRAM – New VCSEL Technology Improves 3D Sensing

Vixar’s New Multi-Junction VCSEL Technology Boasts Extraordinary Efficiency to Improve 3D Sensing Continue Reading »

OSRAM – New Infared improves LiDAR Applications

infrared laser

With SPL DP90_3, Osram adds a 65 Watt laser to its LiDAR photonics portfolio and brings autonomous driving one step closer. Continue Reading »

OSRAM – High Power Lasers light up Music Festival


The PLPT9_450LA_E expands the Munich-based high-tech company’s laser portfolio for lighting applications Continue Reading »