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Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) has partnership agreements and relationships with numerous manufacturers, who provide quality components within this specialist market.

Franchised and Partnership Manufacturers


ams OSRAM are a global leader and specialist for cutting-edge technology in optical solutions and Light Emitting Diodes (LED), including Infrared and UV components. Their products offer high-performance, and exciting innovations that enable customers in the consumer, automotive, healthcare and industrial sectors, to maintain their competitive edge and drive innovation.

ams OSRAM has manufacturing facilities for chips and LED assembly in Regensburg in Germany and in Penang. These are state of the art and amongst the most modern in the world.

ILS is a Value-Added Reseller of ams OSRAM products.

ams OSRAM website

InventronicsInventronics (OSRAM Products)

Inventronics delivers technology for successful LED projects. From components to complete systems, from individual solutions to large-scale installations. Inventronics products are durable, versatile, future-proof and offer maximum creativity. They illuminate entire offices, greenhouses and cities with networked technology.

Inventronics website




LEDIL is a dynamic company with long experience of semiconductor optics. During the many years in the business Ledil have developed the most versatile and innovative selection of semiconductor optical solutions, with manufacturing locations of optical components in Finland and in Asia. Customers are offered technically best possible optical components for semiconductors.:- optically efficient, visually pleasing and mechanically well-engineered.

Ledil is a certified partner in the OSRAM LED Light for you programme.

Ledil website


Stanley offer a large range of LED products, including CRI95. See our powerstars, strips and floods.

Stanley website



Hamamatsu is a Japanese specialist in optoelectronics who main aim is to develop solutions that capture, measure and generate various types of light. Through an extensive range of image sensors, light sources, components and systems that cover a broad spectrum from X-ray to IR.

Products are available in many forms from photomultiplier tubes and photodiodes, lasers and measurement lamps. But also expanding the range further by offering complete solutions with dedicated driver circuits. Serving an array of applications from smart phones to measurement instruments that support cutting edge academic research.

Hamamatsu website



TSLC Corporation, a leading provider of innovative LED solutions and Lidar technology. Located in Chu-Nan Site, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and has over a decade of experience in the LED industry. TSLC started as a manufacturer of reliable and high-quality LED products and has since evolved into a provider of OEM and ODM services, customized solutions, UVC LEDs, and Lidar technology.

TSLC website


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