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OSLON® P1616

At the heart of each Micro OSLON® IR is an OSLON® P1616 IR LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, which is today’s smallest infrared LED. This small package with its integrated lens allows for superior compact arrangements of very high-power density. Micro OSLON® IR are compact, powerful LED light sources built on an aluminium substrate for optimal thermal management. They are available with 200mm wires as standard.


OSLON P1616 Micro
IR centroid
ILS Part Number Description Radiant intensity
IF = 350mA ,
tp = 10 ms§
850nm ILM-IP01-85SN-SC201-WIR200. Micro OSLON® IR LED 850nm 280mW/sr
940nm ILM-IP01-94SN-SC201-WIR200. Micro OSLON® IR LED 940nm 280mW/sr


OSLON® P1616 Broadband MicroOSLON
IR centroid
ILS Part Number Description Flux †
at 350mA
650-1050nm ILM-IP01-BBEM-SC201-WIR200. OSLON® P1616 Broadband MicroOSLON 74mW




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