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OSLON Micro Eye Module

The Micro Eye is the latest compact high flux LED spotlight from Intelligent LED Solutions. At the heart of each Micro Eye is an OSLON SSL 150 LED. Integrated heatsinking keeps the Micro Eye cool as well as compact. Micro Micro Eyes are available in 3 lensed versions: spot lens (SLENS) , medium lens (MLENS) and wide lens (WLENS). The spot lens delivers a 16 degree beam, the medium lens delivers a 41 degree beam and the wide lens delivers a 90 degree beam.

Micro Eye Micro Eye


ILS Part Number Description
ILU-OW01-HWWH-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Hot White 2700K LED Module
ILU-OW01-WMWH-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Warm White 3000K LED Module
ILU-OW01-NUWH-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Neutral White 4000K LED Module
ILU-OW01-WHWH-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye White 5000K LED Module
ILU-OW01-STWH-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Street White 5700K LED Module
ILU-OW01-ULWH-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Ultra White 6500K LED Module



ILS Part Number Description
ILU-OW01-DEBL-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Deep Blue 455nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-BLUE-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Blue 470nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-TRGR-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye True Green 528nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-YELL-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Yellow 590nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-RDOR-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Red-Orange 617nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-RED1-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Red 625nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-HYRE-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Hyper Red 656nm LED Module
ILU-OW01-FRED-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye Far Red 730nm LED Module


ILS Part Number Description
ILU-IW01-85SL-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye IR Stack 850nm LED Module
ILU-IW01-94SL-SC221-W2+xLENS. Micro Eye IR Stack 940nm LED Module


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