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OSTUNE® E3030 Powerstar


At the heart of each PowerStar is an OSTUNE® E3030 LED. OSTUNE® E3030 LEDs can be driven up to 200mA while OSRAM's latest power chip technology remains efficient even at the highest drive currents. A thermal resistance of 45K/W ensures cool running and a highly efficient product.

OSTUNE® E3030 1 LED PowerStar
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 140mA
Hot White 2700K ILH-OT01-HW90-SC221-WIR200. OSTUNE® E3030 1 PowerStar Hot White 2700K 90CRI 45lm
Warm White 3000K ILHOT01-WM90-SC221-WIR200. OSTUNE® E3030 1 PowerStar Warm White 3000K 90CRI 45lm
Neutral White 4000K ILH-OT01-NW90-SC221-WIR200 OSTUNE® E3030 1 PowerStar Neutral White 4000K 90CRI 45lm
White 5000K ILH-OT01-WH90-SC221-WIR200. OSTUNE® E3030 1 PowerStar White 5000K 90CRI 45lm
Ultra White 6500K ILH-OT01-UL90-SC221-WIR200. OSTUNE® E3030 1 PowerStar Ultra White 6500K 90CRI 45lm


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