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OSLON® Optimal 1 PowerStar

ILS PowerStar products use the OSLON Optimal LEDs. The OSLON® Optimal platform offers a High-Power ceramic package in a 3030 footprint and 120° viewing angle, along with high performances, lifetime and reliability. Key parameters are binned at high temperature, closer to the real application conditions. Luminaire manufacturers and other suppliers can benefit from very stable light output at different temperatures, very low thermal resistance and long lifetime in existing designs. Very good values for the maximum junction temperature, maximum forward current and maximum de-rating limits are important benefits.

OSLON® Optimal 1 PowerStar
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 350mA
Horti-White ILH-OI01-HORW-SC221-WIR200. OSLON® Optimal 1 LED PowerStar Horti-White 525mW
Deep Blue 455nm ILH-OI01-DEBL-SC221-WIR200. OSLON® Optimal 1 LED PowerStar Deep Blue 455nm 720mW
Hyper Red 660nm ILH-OI01-HYRE-SC221-WIR200. OSLON® Optimal 1 LED PowerStar Hyper Red 660nm 450mW
Far Red 730nm ILH-OI01-FRED-SC221-WIR200. OSLON® Optimal 1 LED PowerStar Far Red 730nm 380mW


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