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SYNIOS® PowerStar

At the heart of each SYNIOS® PowerStar is the SYNIOS® P2720 from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. Given the scalability of this product family, it provides full performance and flexibility with just one footprint. The SYNIOS® P2720 is meant to provide superior light quality in 1mm² chip size class. PowerStars are compact, powerful LED light sources built on aluminium substrates for optimal thermal management. Available with 200mm wires as standard.

SYNOIS® PowerStar
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Output Power @1A (tp=10mS)
850nm Stack ILH-IS01-85SN-SC201-WIR200. ILS 1 LED IR SYNIOS PowerStar +/-60° lens 370mW/sr
940nm Stack ILH-IS01-94SN-SC201-WIR200. ILS 1 LED IR SYNIOS PowerStar +/-60° lens 360mW/sr



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