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SYNIOS S2222 Eco1s

LED Eco1

SYNIOS S2222 Eco1s– Whites and Colours

At the heart of each Eco1 Board is an SYNIOS S2222 LED. SYNIOS S2222 product family provides an efficient and flexible platform for a variety of low- and mid-power applications (from 10 mA to 200 mA). Customers can choose from six colours, in addition to white versions (3000 - 6500K, CRI >80). The low package height of only 0.6mm makes extremely flat lighting solutions possible. Eco1’s are compact, powerful LED light sources built on FR4 with thermal vias for optimal thermal management. With long lifetimes also at high currents and superior corrosion resistance. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1’s generate very little heat and therefore do not require secondary heatsinking.

SYNIOS S2222 Eco1s
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 140mA
Warm White 3000K ILE-S201-WMWH-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Warm White 3000K 45lm
Quartz White 3500K ILE-S201-QZWH-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Quartz White 3500K 45lm
Neutral White 4000K ILE-S201-NUWH-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Neutral White 4000K 45lm
White 5000K ILE-S201-WHWH-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 White 5000K 45lm
Street White 5700K ILE-S201-STWH-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Street White 5700K 45lm
Ultra White 6500K ILE-S201-ULWH-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Ultra White 6500K 45lm
Blue 450nm ILE-S201-BLUE-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Blue 450nm 5000lm
True Green 528nm ILE-S201-TRGR-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 True Green 528nm 35.5lm
Yellow 590nm ILE-S201-YELL-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Yellow 590nm 15.9lm
Converted Yellow
Cx = 0.57, Cy = 0.42
ILE-S201-CNYL-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Converted Yellow 40lm
Red 616nm ILE-S201-RED1-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Red 616nm 18lm
Super Red 632nm ILE-S201-SURE-SC221. SYNIOS S2222 Eco1 Super Red 632nm 10lm




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