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Duris Eco1

LED Eco1

Duris P5 Eco1 – Whites and Colours

Compact and mid power LED Light sources
Single LED packages with no required need for additional heat sinking
Secondary optics can be fitted to focus the LED beam angle.

LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 100mA Available to purchase
Hot  White 2700K ILE-P501-HWWH-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Hot White 2700K 31lm RS Components
Warm White 3000K ILE-P501-WMWH-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Warm White 3000K 33lm RS Components
Quartz White 3500K ILE-P501-QZWH-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Quartz White 3500K 33lm  
Neutral White 4000K ILE-P501-NUWH-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Neutral White 4000K 33lm RS Components
White 5000K ILE-P501-WHWH-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 White 5000K 34lm  
Street White 5700K ILE-P501-STWH-SC201 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Street White 5700K 33lm  
Ultra White 6500K ILE-P501-ULWH-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Ultra White 6500K 33lm  
Deep Blue 450nm ILE-P501-DEBL-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Deep Blue 450nm 140mW  
Blue 465nm ILE-P501-BLUE-SC201 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Blue 465nm 81lm  
Red 625nm ILE-P501-RED1-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Red 625nm 17lm RS Components
True Green 525nm ILE-P501-TRGR-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 True Green 525nm 26lm  
Yellow 590nm ILE-P501-YELL-SC201. 1 Duris P5 Eco1 Yellow 590nm 14lm  


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