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Duris E5050 RGBW Eco1s

LED Eco1


The DURIS® E5050 is OSRAMs first 4 in 1 RGBW package for general lighting applications. Each channel can be individually controlled allowing users to select a wide range of colours.

LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness all LEDs on at 100mA
RGB + Warm White ILE-D501-RGBWM-SC221. Duris E5050 Eco 1 RGB + Warm White 24000 mcd
RGB + Neutral White ILE-D501-RGBNW-SC221. Duris E5050 Eco 1 RGB + Neutral White 24000 mcd
RGB + White ILE-D501-RGBWH-SC221.. Duris E5050 Eco 1 RGB + White 24000 mcd
RGB + Street White ILE-D501-RGBSW-SC221. Duris E5050 Eco 1 RGB + Street White 24000 mcd


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