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Florence Heatsink

Operates under the recommended ILS junction temperature
Operates under the recommended LED maximum junction temperature
Not suitable for use
N/A Heatsink not designed for use with this product

ILS has a series of anodised Heatsinks, with the capability to comfortably
dissipate heat from our Mid Power 33 LED Florence Board. Taking its
name from the LEDiL optic, this Heatsink was developed to be integrated
within our Florence Ready to Grow Lamp. These Heatsinks are designed
to be used in conjunction with a Thermal Interface Material to insure an
even surface fix the strip to the Heatsink and allow sufficient levels of
heat to be taken away from the LEDs. This Heatsink comes with mounting
holes pre-drilled allowing for easy mounting and attachment of the PCB.

Heatsinks for Florence
ILS Product   No Heatsink, in free air ILA-HSINK-FLORENCE-340-VA LA-HSINK-FLORENCE-680-VA
Florence 33 LED Board 50mA      

Coming soon in RS Components

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