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Petunia Kits

Petunia Kit
Petunia Kit LED Configuration Application Petunia Board Used Configuration
ILK-PETUNIA-01. 6 Warm White, 5 Hyper Red, 1 Deep Blue General Purpose ILR-OX12-6WM5HR1DB-PC211-W2. Parallel
ILK-PETUNIA-01S. 6 Warm White, 5 Hyper Red, 1 Deep Blue General Purpose ILR-OX12-6WM5HR1DB-SC211-W2. Series
ILK-PETUNIA-02. 9 Hyper Red, 3 Deep Blue High Efficiency ILR-OX12-9HR3DB-SC211-WIR200. Series
ILK-PETUNIA-03. 6 Hyper Red, 6 Deep Blue Vegetative Growth ILR-OX12-6HR6DB-SC211-WIR200. Series
ILK-PETUNIA-04. 3 Hyper Red, 9 Deep Blue Seedlings ILR-OX12-3HR9DB-SC211-WIR200. Series


ILS Petunia 12 LED plant light use the latest Oslon®SSL ThinaGan (UX:3)LEDs. OSRAM’s latest power chip technology remains efficient even at the highest drive currents and with a low thermal resistance, it ensures cool running and a highly efficient product.

Petunia Kit – Quick Start

Petunia Light Engine Datasheet

Heat Sink

Thermal Interface Material

LED Driver

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