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OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module

ILS Part Number Description
ILI-ON01-WMWH-SC211. OSLON Eye Warm White 3000K LED Module
ILI-ON01-NUWH-SC211. OSLON Eye Neutral White 4000K LED Module
ILI-ON01-STWH-SC211. OSLON Eye Street White 5700K LED Module
ILI-ON01-BLUE-SC211. OSLON Eye Blue 470nm LED Module
ILI-ON01-TRGR-SC211. OSLON Eye True Green 528nm LED Module
ILI-ON01-YELL-SC211. OSLON Eye Yellow 590nm LED Module
ILI-ON01-RDOR-SC211. OSLON Eye Red-Orange 617nm LED Module
ILI-ON01-RED1-SC211. OSLON Eye Red 625nm LED Module



We also offer the OSLONeye as a kit of parts. This enables you to add any single colour LED and any LEDiL Tina lens you want.

Please refer to our ILK-OSLONeye-01 datasheet.

ILS Part Number Description
ILK-OSLONEYE-01. OSLONeye Metal Housing and TIM


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