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OSCONIQ® P7070 & DURIS® S10 LEDil Development Kit

The LEDiL Selector Kit from ILS is the latest development kit designed to explore which secondary optic works best with OSRAM OSLON® LEDs. There are 4 types of LEDiL selector kits which represent each member of the OSLON® family; OSLON® 80, OSLON® 150 and OSLON® Square (120). 



BIOFY SFH 7050 sensor for automatic fitness tracking from Osram Opto Semiconductors. The emitters may be individually controlled, so that the sensor can be used for various applications.



LED Tester combines a switch mode regulator with a microcontroller to create a user controllable LED current source, controlled by a single control knob.



The ILA-1CH-LED-TESTER-USB-01. linear LED Driver comprises a linear regulator with user changeable drive currents. It is designed to be connected between a USB power source and one or more LEDs. It is very quick to use and very quick to configure.


12 Channel LED Driver

ILS have developed a driver to help in the development of Tuneable White and RGBW multi-LED products, or any system that requires up to 12 channels of controllable LED driving. Each of the 12 channels can deliver 20V at a maximum drive current of 700mA. There are two modes of active operation: a programmed mode, and a stand-alone mode, allowing complete flexibility of operation.

12 Die


The IxR-XM01-00xA-SC201-CON25. has at its heart, a 12 die T9090 multi-chip package from Taiwan Semiconductor Limited. Each of the 12 die are independently connected, allowing for full flexibility and control. The MCPCB based product, also has a standard 25way Molex connector for simple interconnect to your control equipment.

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