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ILP Neon Flexible Strip

The Flexible LED Neon Strips look a lot like neon, but without the need for transformers or high cost glass tubing and gasses. These LED neon strips feature a single-color LED strip with an insert of translucent silicone rubber which acts as a diffuser giving the product the neon style. An IP67 rating means these products can withstand normal environmental conditions, meaning they are just as good outside as they are inside.

ILP Neon Flexible Strip
ILS Part Number LED Neon Operating Voltage Buy Here
ILPN-K508-WHT1-2M0-SK12410-I1 White 24V DC 1921701
ILPN-K508-RED1-2M0-SK12410-I1 Red 24V DC 1921702
ILPN-K508-GRN1-2M0-SK12410-I1 Green 24V DC 1921703
ILPN-K508-BLU1-2M0-SK12410-I1 Blue 24V DC 1921704
ILPN-K517-RGB1-2M0-SK10510-I1 RGB 5V DC 1921705
ILPN-K517-RGB1-2M0-SK11210-I1 RGB 12V DC 1921707
ILPN-K517-RGB1-2M0-SK12410-I1 RGB 24V DC 1921708


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