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OSLON MicroThe Micro OSLON® is now the smallest LED Light Engine from Intelligent LED Solutions measuring at just 11mm in diameter. Due to its unique design of the Micro OSLON® a secondary optic can be used with this LED Light Engine to narrow or widen the LED beam angle. ILS Micro OSLON products use the latest OSLON® SSL ThinGan (UX:3) LEDs. OSRAM’s latest power chip technology remains efficient even at the highest drive currents and with a low thermal resistance, it ensures cool running and a highly efficient product. The OSLON 80 and 150 can operate up to 1A and the Square to 1.5A.


LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 350mA 3D File Download Available to purchase
Fire Light White 2400K ILM-ON01-FLWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Fire Light White 2700K 97 lms Download Technical Documents  
Hot White 2700K ILM-ON01-HWWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Hot White 2700K 104.2 lms Download Technical Documents Farnell
Warm White 3000K ILM-ON01-WMWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Warm White 3000K 112 lms Download Technical Documents Farnell
Quartz White 3500K ILM-ON01-QZWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Quartz White 3500K 112 lms Download Technical Documents  
Neutral White 4000K ILM-ON01-NUWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Neutral White 4000K 112 lms Download Technical Documents RS Components
Med White 4500K ILM-ON01-MWWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Med White 4500K 112 lms Download Technical Documents  
White 5000K ILM-ON01-WHWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 White 5000K 112 lms Download Technical Documents  
Street White 5700K ILM-ON01-STWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Street White 5700K 130 lms Download Technical Documents Farnell
Ultra White 6500K ILM-ON01-ULWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Ultra White 6500K 130 lms Download Technical Documents Farnell
Deep Blue 455nm ILM-ON01-DEBL-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Deep Blue 455nm 630mW Download Technical Documents  
Blue 470nm ILM-ON01-BLUE-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Blue 470nm 28 lms Download Technical Documents  
True Green 528nm ILM-ON01-TRGR-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 True Green 528nm 98 lms Download Technical Documents  
Yellow 590nm ILM-ON01-YELL-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Yellow 590nm 60 lms Download Technical Documents  
Red-Orange ILM-ON01-RDOR-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Red Orange 617nm 80 lms Download Technical Documents  
Red 625m ILM-ON01-RED1-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Red 625nm 58 lms Download Technical Documents RS Components
Hyper Red 656nm ILM-ON01-HYRE-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Hyper Red 656nm 410mW Download Technical Documents  
Far Red 730nm ILM-ON01-FRED-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Far Red 730nm 231mW Download Technical Documents  


See the Micro OSLON Infrared options here. Using the OSLON P1616 LED family from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. Available in wavelength 850nm and 940nm, mounted on our compact MicroOSLON PCB with 200mm wires as standard.

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