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OSRAM Ostar Stage PowerStar

OSRAM OSTAR Stage LEDs have a flat glass cover with an anti-reflective coating, giving the LED a much flatter profile. It is now only 1.23 mm high – one quarter of the usual height. Spotlights can therefore be made much more compact. The Ostar Stage is mounted on an aluminium PCB for optimal thermal management. Connections to each die brought out for individual control enabling very good mixing of colours.

S5 Powerstar
OSRAM Ostar Stage PowerStar
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 700mA
Red 632nm ILH-OS01-RGBW-SC211-
OSRAM Ostar Stage RGBW PowerStar 45lm
Green 520nm 90lm
Blue 449nm 630mW
White 0.31/0.32 140lm
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