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12 die high power mixing LED

The IxR-XM01-00xA-SC201-CON25. has at its heart, a 12 die T9090 multi-chip package from Taiwan Semiconductor Limited. Each of the 12 die are independently connected, allowing for full flexibility and control. The MCPCB based product, also has a standard 25way Molex connector for simple interconnect to your control equipment.


12 die high power mixing LED
ILS Part Number Description LED Configuration  
ILR-XM01-001A-SC201-CON25. The ILR-XM01 Full spectrum version allows users to control 12 individual die ranging from 360nm to 955nm.
These full spectrum light engines offer unparalleled ability to investigate the cause and effect of various wavelengths for your spectral analysis.
IHR-XM01-002A-SC201-CON25. The IHR-XM01 Horticultural version enables users to investigate how different wavelengths and radiant intensities affect the specific needs of different plants.
These light engines allow the creation of customised spectral outputs to match your target requirement.
ILR-XM01-003A-SC201-CON25. Simple Tuneable white products just offer whites of differing CCTs to create the colour changing profiles.
This process works, but the resultant output does not follow the black body across all available outputs, and also the CRI can suffer across the output spectra.
The ILR-XM01 Tuneable White product not only gives the user various white CCT die, but also red, green and amber which when mixed in solves the problems of low CRI and enables the output to closely match the black body.
ILR-XM01-004A-SC201-CON25. Many camera systems nowadays are required to not just work in one range of the spectrum i.e. IR and White light.
The ILR-XM01 White & IR product enables users to investigate the use of multiple different IR wavelengths alongside white light in their application.
Offering the ability to test 730nm, 850nm and 940nm alongside white, the ILR-XM01 White & IR product is a versatile camera vision testing system.
ILR-XM01-005A-SC201-CON25. The ILR-XM01 RGBW product offers control of 12 individual die, 3 of each colour, for full high intensity tuneable performance.


Input Cable for 12 Die High Power Mixing LED

Cable for 12 die high power mixing LED
ILS Part Number Description
ILR-XM01-CABLE24-200MM.  200mm input cable for TSLC 12-Die family products from ILS.


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