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Updated application guide for dynamic Tunable White LED systems

dynamic Tunable White LED systems

Technical knowledge on how to use LED drivers for HCL concepts

Lighting systems fitted with dynamic Tunable White LED drivers are at the core of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) concepts. The LED modules used here produce white light in various color temperatures. The goal is to provide biologically effective white light that adapts to the natural course of daylight thanks to a dynamic brightness and color temperature profile. The updated application guide serves as a single source of information where you can find all you need to know to set up efficient installations consisting of LED constant current and constant voltage drivers, as well as suitable modules. Furthermore, it provides you with background knowledge on system components and how to program them, as well as practice-oriented aspects of modern luminaire design and OSRAM light management systems for projects of any size.

Design Tunable White and HCL projects boasting high efficiency, superior lighting quality and efficacy!


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