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The World’s First 0.49mm Fine-Pitch Mini-LED Display Panel

TSLC Corporation, a vertically integrated LED system manufacturer, introduced the world’s first 0.49mm fine-pitch direct-lit display using 36 pixels-in-1 πLED package (Pixels Interconnected LED or πLED). The display utilized proprietary πLED technology from SemiLEDs Corporation and drivers made by Raffar Technology Corporation. Unlike other fine-pitch miniLED displays in the market, TSLC’s display panel uses SMT process to populate the pixels, enabling exceptional production throughput and efficient repair rate.

TSLC’s 36 pixels-in-1 SMT compatible package is a quantum leap technology from the 16pixels package that was introduced 3 years ago by SemiLEDs eliminating the needs for die and wire bonding. Within a footprint of 2.89mm x 2.89mm, the package consists of 36 pixels; each pixel consists of a red, green and blue LED chip. A total of 108 LED chips are interconnected via micron-level precision technology. Since the LEDs are already connected electrically, the number of solder pad electrically connecting each πLED package to the PCB main board is reduced from 144 to 24. The reduction of solder pad enables bigger solder pads that are more spaced out, significantly decrease the difficulties during SMT process and increase solder reliability due to larger pad areas. πLED pixels are arranged in a 6 by 6 pixels configuration and delivered via tape and reel ready for SMT. The increase in pixel count per package will enable TSLC to improve SMT process by 2.25 times. The technology will also allow easier repair procedures than conventional chip-on-board (CoB) technology.

“3 years ago, we introduced the 4 by 4, 16 pixels package, steering the market from CoB to SMT process. Currently, we see other companies adapting the 16 pixels solution simply because it is a more realistic way to mass produce. TSLC had been persistent on this SMT path and is at the forefront by introducing the 36 pixels package. We will open up more opportunities in the high-end fine-pitch display market” Explained Peter Pon, the Director of Sales and Marketing Department of TSLC Corporation.

Picture 1. Top (left) and bottom(right) view of ΠLED

The ΠLED technology is provided by SemiLEDs Corporation and is available for licensing and purchasing through TSLC.

To find out more about the Fine-Pitch Mini-LED please contact or call us on 01635 294606.

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