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Checking food with a smartphone thanks to a broadband infrared LED from Osram

Consumers will soon be able to use their smartphones to check how fresh supermarket food is, measure the calories in canteen meals and verify whether the tablet in their hand really is a painkiller. All thanks to the development of broadband infrared LEDs (IREDs) that emit in a wide wavelength range. When Osram Opto Semiconductors presented the Oslon Black Flat SFH 4735 at the end of 2016 it opened up the consumer sector to this technology. To date, Osram is the only one to offer such IREDs. With the tiny SFH 4776 spectroscopy applications can be integrated into smartphones.

Homogeneous illumination for facial recognition thanks to VCSEL technology from Osram

Osram Opto Semiconductors is launching a new product family with Bidos PLPVQ 940A, its first Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser, or VCSEL for short. This is another future technology that Osram is adding to its product portfolio, paving the way for new areas of application such as 3D sensing. Shortly after the acquisition of US specialist Vixar, the company is setting new standards with this VCSEL, including facial recognition for mobile devices. The VCSEL acts as a light source, illuminating the face evenly with infrared light. A camera is used to capture the significant features of the user. The image is then compared with the image of the user stored in the system – if the two match the device will be unlocked.

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Competition Time with DesignSpark – Lights Fantastic!

Limited only by your imagination, this challenge seeks to discover something inspirational from you.

Enter and be in with a chance of winning £1,500 of RS products, plus an ILS Intelligent LED Pixel flexible array, in DesignSpark’s ‘Lights Fantastic’ challenge in partnership with ILS. Running from September to December, we invite you to enter this exclusive challenge, and get creative!

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Oslon Black SFH 4715S infrared LED (IRED) from Osram Opto Semiconductors enable driver monitoring capability for improved safety

Osram Opto Semiconductors and Joyson Safety Systems are equipping the new Cadillac CT6 with an innovative system for semi-autonomous driving. ‘Super Cruise’ is the industry’s first true hands-free driving technology for the highway. Osram’s infrared and LED components, which are embedded in Joyson Safety Systems’ steering wheel for the Cadillac CT6, allow the system to monitor driver attentiveness by tracking his or her head position to ensure drivers are watching the road ahead while ‘Super Cruise’ is engaged.

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Horticultural Lighting with LEDiL

Until now horticulturists have only been able to dream of regulating plant growth, increasing harvests and prolonging the blooming time of plants. Thanks to LEDs, what few thought could ever be possible, is now a reality; Welcome to the future.

As LEDs allow us to control spectral content, we can match spectra to an individual plant’s needs according to species and growth stage. Lenses allow for better optical control, ensuring light is directed where it is required to ensure no wasted energy off target.

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Stylish yet Functional LED Lighting for Office Spaces with LEDiL Optics

We see office lighting trends moving towards miniaturisation and a discrete look with LED as the main light source. It is possible to cover the whole light spectrum with LEDs making them the ideal lighting solution for indoor office environments where a mix of mood and task lighting is required.

And of course, all this light needs to be controlled, for which we need secondary LED optics. LEDiL offers a range of dark light optics: DAISY and FLORENTINA have been designed specifically for offices. They make sure the light source is invisible from almost all angles making glare close to non-existent, something that is especially important close to work stations. Offices also contain other spaces such as corridors, coffee rooms, reception areas etc. for which optics from the LINNEA and FLORENCE families as well as from various track and spot lighting families are suitable.

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Intelligent Horticultural Solutions Lighting System at Plymouth University

Controllable LED lighting is the lighting of choice for indoor plant growth.  Growers and propagators across the world are looking for future proofing ways to extend the growing season to provide year-round food growth. This will help to tackle global food shortages through the use of plant factories, polytunnels, vertical farms and glass houses with LED lighting.

Plymouth University, with the help of Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) have been working on ERDF Agri-tech Cornwall’s research project, by opening a brand-new state-of-the-art Plant Factory Cornwall.  The hydroponic growing system is within a controlled environment which uses multi-channel LED lighting, powered by solar panels.

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New Products from LEDiL – August 2018

So you think it’s been hot this summer? Wait until your get your hands on LEIA – a super sharp light for architectural lighting with a single high-power LED. For street lighting we give you a new ingress protected MX-series optics with 8 lenses in the array. See more information from LEDiL here to learn more about their latest LED optics…

LEDiL DAISY – Brilliance without the Glare

There’s no need to settle for office lighting with big, ugly luminaires in order to follow regulations and standards any longer. Instead make your office look stunning and increase well-being in the workplace with the DAISY Optic from LEDiL, giving a beautiful solution for a modern glare-free office.

The 1.1 metre long piano black shade eliminates glare and is a perfect fit for today’s office. As well as making the luminaire look elegant, the housing works seamlessly with the lenses to provide uniform lighting with high in-use-efficacy.

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Water Sterilisation Unit from Stanley Electric Co. LTD

The Stanley Electric launches “UV-CCL reactor” for sterilizing flowing water.
It uses the Stanley’s UV cold cathode lamp (UV-CCL) which adopts original metal cup electrodes. The characteristics are anti vibration and long lifetime. Even though the lamp repeats ON and OFF, the life time doesn’t change and the life time keeps 20,000 hours. It able to reduce exchange frequency and easy to maintain.

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