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LEDiL’s SPORT-2X2-S1 – Our narrowest, most powerful sport beam + new optic material for higher temperatures

SPORT-2X2-S1 provides a highly efficient narrow beam that can illuminate playing fields with superb candelas and uniformity from a great distance. In addition to its performance and suitability for different sports the S1 can help reduce sky glow outdoors.

Thanks to excellent beam control, only around 1 % of light leaks above the horizon level (ULR – Upward light ratio), and trespass light in the surrounding area is kept to an absolute minimum. This makes the SPORT-2X2-S1 a perfect fit for everything from the biggest stadiums and arenas to rural or residential areas where nuisance light needs to be kept to a minimum.

All SPORT-2X2 optics are available in either regular PMMA or High-Temperature PMMA for increased heat resistance. Lenses are optimized for flat high-power 3535 and compatible with up to 5050 size flat LED packages.

To find out more about LEDiL’s SPORT-2X2-S1 please contact or call us on 01635 294606.

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