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LEDiL VIOLET – Silicone Optic for UV-C Applications

New from LEDiL is the VIOLET Optic for UV-C applications. VIOLET is a silicone 12-lens array made from highly resistant UV materials. This ingress protected optic is an excellent solution in surface, air and water UV disinfection applications as well as for prevention of plant disease and insect infestation. The lens array is made from a special silicone grade having high UV transmittance and is held in place by a sturdy stainless-steel frame.

ILS has recently designed and manufactured UV-C LED modules which are compatible with this new LEDiL optic. Now available for purchase through RS Components. 

At the heart of each UV VIOLET strip are 12 compact, high quality and reliable TSLC N3535U 1-chip UV LEDs, with a primary 60, 90 or 130 degree lens, featuring high radiometric power density and design flexibility. The VIOLET strip has been specifically designed to work with the VIOLET linear lens from LEDiL. With a ceramic substrate, the N3535U is ideal for anti-bacterial and disinfection applications. The UV VIOLET range is suited to demanding industrial applications and features a vertical chip structure on a patented metal alloy substrate, offering advances in optical output and high thermal conductivity. VIOLET strips are compact, powerful LED light sources built on aluminium substrates for optimal thermal management. Available with 200mm wires as standard.

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See more about VIOLET from LEDiL here. 

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