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LEDiL – New silicone optic, for UV applications


SAKURA – our new silicone lens can really take the heat
70 mm COB lens family for high lumen output retail and hospitality applications

SAKURA is a 70 mm silicone COB lens developed specifically for the retail and hospitality industries. It delivers medium and wide beams as well as a beautiful 15-degree spot beam with high candela peak. Optimized for 14.5 mm and compatible with up 22 mm LES size COBs, SAKURA can be easily attached to the luminaire using the specifically designed black adaptor ring.

SAKURA is designed to operate in environments requiring high heat resistance where high power COBs (>30 W) and fixtures with challenging thermal design are used. For example, window displays that are exposed to direct bright sunlight require high power lighting to maintain focus on the items being displayed. This requires powerful luminaires that generate considerable heat that needs silicone optics to handle the heat generated.

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