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LEDiL Introduces DAISY-7X1-SHD-MET With New HMDS Coating

New metallized shade replaces the previous version used in DAISY-7X1 optics. The new HMDS coating provides increased durability against wear and decreases scrap rates for more sustainable manufacturing.

A list of compatible products below.

> CN16873_DAISY-7X1-WW

> CN16874_DAISY-7X1-W

> CN16990_DAISY-7X1-W2

> CN17365_DAISY-7X1-WW-D

> CN17366_DAISY-7X1-W-D

> CN17367_DAISY-7X1-W2-D

> CN17611_DAISY-7X1-O

> CN17615_DAISY-7X1-O-D

> CN17725_DAISY-7X1-ZT25

> CN17765_DAISY-7X1-M

> CN18144_DAISY-7X1-M-D


To find out more about LEDiL’s DAISY-7X1-SHD-MET please contact or call us on 01635 294606.

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