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Generation change – for even more power and enhanced performance

OSRAM extends the power spectrum of its OPTOTRONIC 1DIM and 4DIM LED drivers

OSRAM has just added latest-generation devices to its OPTOTRONIC 1DIM and 4DIM LED driver families – and thus considerably extended their power spectrum. The 1DIM LED driver family now also supports the 75 and 165 W power classes (OT 75/220…240/1A0 1DIM G2 CE and OT 165/220…240/1A0 1DIM G2 CE). With double isolation and enhanced power levels, this future-oriented driver family can now serve many more purposes while offering high levels of safety when used in outdoor or industrial applications. In the 4DIM area, the new OT 165/170…240/1A0 4DIMLT2 G2 CE also stands out in terms of high power with a standby consumption of only 0.25 W. The device thus fulfils the highest requirements with regard to performance, flexibility, and energy efficiency.

To find out more about OSRAM’s OPTOTRONIC 1DIM and 4DIM LED drivers please contact or call us on 01635 294606.

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