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OSLON SSL 80 adds a touch of color


Small color light emitting diodes such as the OSLON SSL 80, add color to any room or any corner, providing fascinating lighting effects. The small powerful 1 W LED is now available not only in white tones but also in a range of colors - deep blue, true green, amber, red and hyper red, each offering top performance from a small package thanks to the latest chip technology. Typical brightness is 480 mW (deep blue) and 92 lm (true green) at an operating current of 350 mA and 70 lm (amber), 55 lm (red) and 320 mW (hyper red) at an operating current of 400 mA.
Like their white counterparts these powerful LEDs are very small (only 3 x 3 mm) and have a narrow beam angle of 80° which provides efficient injection into external optics, for example for spotlight applications. The same low thermal resistance of 7 K/W makes thermal management much easier.

Flexible luminaires, powerful light

These properties will benefit numerous lighting applications. These tiny units are ideal wherever colored light, color mixing and color effects are needed. Their small dimensions offer luminaire designers enormous flexibility, and their high efficiency makes them perfect for applications that require high luminous intensities. The beam angle of 80° and the compact form factor allow close clustering if required and therefore strong concentrated light and color mixing with close spacing. As a result, even extremely low-profile lighting solutions are possible. Concentration of the light in clusters can be put to use for example in architectural lighting to provide high-intensity effects. The light sources themselves remain firmly in the background as all the focus is on the eye-catching effects.

Scenes and scenarios

At gigs, exhibitions and in studios the new OSLON SSL 80 put even the brightest stars in the shade with a blaze of color without disturbing the energy and thermal balance. Imaginative lighting scenarios can enliven exhibitions and enhance the drama on any stage. Shop lighting can also benefit from the focused and unobtrusive use of LEDs. A good lighting concept can help put merchandise in an attractive light with colored accents. And that’s only a small proportion of the possible applications. Colored light can also be used in the home to create a special atmosphere. And luminaire designers are bound to discover even more fascinating uses. Just imagine slipping slowly into a bath of beautiful sea-green water, or creating an oasis of relaxation in subdued colored light with a great feel-good effect.

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