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OSLON MicroThe Micro OSLON® is now the smallest LED Light Engine from Intelligent LED Solutions measuring at just 11mm in diameter. Due to its unique design of the Micro OSLON® a secondary optic can be used with this LED Light Engine to narrow or widen the LED beam angle. ILS Micro OSLON products use the latest OSLON® SSL ThinGan (UX:3) LEDs. OSRAM’s latest power chip technology remains efficient even at the highest drive currents and with a low thermal resistance, it ensures cool running and a highly efficient product. The OSLON 80 and 150 can operate up to 1A and the Square to 1.5A.


LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 350mA
Fire Light White 2400K ILM-ON01-FLWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Fire Light White 2700K 97 lms
Hot White 2700K ILM-ON01-HWWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Hot White 2700K 104.2 lms
Warm White 3000K ILM-ON01-WMWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Warm White 3000K 112 lms
Quartz White 3500K ILM-ON01-QZWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Quartz White 3500K 112 lms
Neutral White 4000K ILM-ON01-NUWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Neutral White 4000K 112 lms
Med White 4500K ILM-ON01-MWWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Med White 4500K 112 lms
White 5000K ILM-ON01-WHWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 White 5000K 112 lms
Street White 5700K ILM-ON01-STWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Street White 5700K 130 lms
Ultra White 6500K ILM-ON01-ULWH-SC221-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Ultra White 6500K 130 lms
Deep Blue 455nm ILM-ON01-DEBL-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Deep Blue 455nm 630mW
Blue 470nm ILM-ON01-BLUE-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Blue 470nm 28 lms
True Green 528nm ILM-ON01-TRGR-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 True Green 528nm 98 lms
Yellow 590nm ILM-ON01-YELL-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Yellow 590nm 60 lms
Red-Orange ILM-ON01-RDOR-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Red Orange 617nm 80 lms
Red 625m ILM-ON01-RED1-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Red 625nm 58 lms
Hyper Red 656nm ILM-ON01-HYRE-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Hyper Red 656nm 410mW
Far Red 730nm ILM-ON01-FRED-SC211-WIR200. Micro OSLON 80 Far Red 730nm 231mW

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