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Duris S5®

These compact, mid-power LED addresses three different luminous flux and efficacy levels, using just one package and solder pad. With high efficacies, color quality and long lifetimes this LED is the ideal choice for all indoor general lighting applications.

S5 Powerstar
Duris S5 PowerStars
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 150mA
Amber 610nm ILH-S501-AMER-SC211-WIR200. Duris S5® PowerStar Amber 610nm 45lm
Deep Blue 450nm ILH-S501-DEBL-SC211-WIR200. Duris S5® PowerStar Deep Blue 450nm 420mW
Red 620nm ILH-S501-RED1-SC211-WIR200. Duris S5® PowerStar Red 620nm 24lm
Green 540nm ILH-S501-GREE-SC211-WIR200. Duris S5® PowerStar Green 540nm 170lm


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