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LED PowerStars - Dragon

Dragon PowerStarYou get an unprecedented choice of LED light sources when you employ ILS PowerStars. Whether you need Whites or Colours there is a PowerStar to suit your required photometrics, beam angles, light output and CRI. ILS manufactures PowerStars with and without connecting wires.

Dragon PowerStars

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Golden Dragon+ give outstanding brightness and luminance.

Dragon PoweStars
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 350mA
Hot  White 2700K ILH-GD01-HWWH-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Hot White 2700K 73lm
Warm White 3000K ILH-GD01-WMWH-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Warm White 3000K 93lm
Neutral White 4000K ILH-GD01-NWWH-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Neutral White 4000K 93lm
Street White 5700K ILH-GD01-DWWH-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar  Daylight White 5700K 107lm
Cool  White 6500K ILH-GD01-ULWH-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Cool White 6500K 125lm
Deep Blue 455nm ILH-GD01-DEBL-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Deep Blue 455nm 453mW
Blue 470nm ILH-GD01-BLUE-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Blue 470nm 28lm
Verde Green 505nm ILH-GD01-VEGR-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Verde Green 505nm 62lm
True Green 528nm ILH-GD01-TRGR-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar True Green 528nm 93lm
Yellow 590nm ILH-GD01-YELL-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Yellow 590nm 55lm
Red-Orange 617nm ILH-GD01-RDOR-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Red Orange 617nm 74lm
Red 625nm ILH-GD01-RED1-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Red 625nm 52lm
Hyper Red 656nm ILH-GD01-HYRE-SC201-WIR200. GD+ PowerStar Hyper Red 656nm 280mW


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