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IR OSLUX® PowerStars

IR1 PowerstarIR OSLON® Black PowerStars and Clusters are the smallest infrared LEDs with more than one watt of optical power. Integrated lenses allows superior, compact arrangements of very high power density. Featuring Nanostack™ chip technology which allows the typical optical power to reach 1070mW at an operating current of 1A. Thanks to its adapted outcoupling lens with ±45° emission angle, the IR OSLON® delivers 15% more output power than components without a lens. Lifetimes are up to 50,000 hours, even at high drive currents. Now available in WIDE package featuring OSRAM’s latest addition to their IR series (SFH4716S) this has a wide beam angle ±75° which provides efficient near-range illumination and can also be tightly focused with the aid of a reflector and lens.


IR OSLUX® PowerStars
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Output Power @1A (tp=10mS) 3D File Download
810nm ILH-IX01-81SL-SC201-WIR200. IR OSLUX 810nm Star 2900mW/sr Download Technical Documents



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