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LED Coins

Dragon Coin 3 LED

Dragon Coins

Compact and powerful 33 mm diameter LED light sources.

3 OSRAM Golden Dragon Plus power LEDs.

Brightness adjustable by external dimming gear and employ industry standard JST connectors.

Dragon Coins
LED Colour ILS Part Number Description Typ Brightness @ 350mA
Hot  White 2700K ILC-GD03-HWWH-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Hot White 2700K 12VDC Dim 219lm
Warm White 3000K ILC-GD03-WMWH-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Warm White 3000K 12VDC Dim 279lm
Neutral White 4000K ILC-GD03-NWWH-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Neutral White 4000K 12VDC Dim 279lm
Street White 5700K ILC-GD03-DWWH-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Daylight White 5700K 12VDC Dim 321lm
Cool  White 6500K ILC-GD03-ULWH-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Cool White 6500K 12VDC Dim 375lm
Deep Blue 455nm ILC-GD03-DEBL-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Deep Blue 455nm 12VDC Dim 1359mW
Blue 470nm ILC-GD03-BLUE-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Blue 470nm 12VDC Dim 84lm
Verde Green 505nm ILC-GD03-VEGR-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Verde Green 505nm 12VDC Dim 186lm
True Green 528nm ILC-GD03-TRGR-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin True Green 528nm 12VDC Dim 186lm
Yellow 590nm ILC-GD03-YELL-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Yellow 590nm 12VDC Dim 165lm
Red-Orange 617nm ILC-GD03-RDOR-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Red Orange 617nm 12VDC Dim 222lm
Red 625nm ILC-GD03-RED1-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Red 625nm 12VDC Dim 156lm
Hyper Red 656nm ILC-GD03-HYRE-SD101. GD+ 3 Coin Hyper Red 656nm 12VDC Dim 840mW


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