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High Power IR LEDs


The IR OSLON is today’s smallest infrared LED with more than one Watt optical power catagory. The device measures only 3.75 x 3.75 mm² has viewing angle +/- 45°” and outstanding output. IR OSLON facilitates very compact illumination units for CMOS and CCD cameras. OSRAM’s nanostack chip technology and a temperature stable OSLON Black Series package paved the way for the record-breaking high performance device. Product details

IR Dragon Family

You get stellar performance in a small package for the IR Dragons which offers a long service life and high power in continuous and pulsed driving modes thanks to its excellent thermal design. They operate at wavelengths designed to support CMOS and CCD camera applications. Product details

IR Ostar Family

The innovative IR OSRAM OSTAR Family LEDs offer you the most powerful infrared LED arrays in the world. Designed specifically for CCTV applications and for use in night vision equipment, they deliver a wavelength specially adapted to CMOS/CCD camera systems. Product details

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