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Stylish yet Functional LED Lighting for Office Spaces with LEDiL Optics

We see office lighting trends moving towards miniaturisation and a discrete look with LED as the main light source. It is possible to cover the whole light spectrum with LEDs making them the ideal lighting solution for indoor office environments where a mix of mood and task lighting is required.

And of course, all this light needs to be controlled, for which we need secondary LED optics. LEDiL offers a range of dark light optics: DAISY and FLORENTINA have been designed specifically for offices. They make sure the light source is invisible from almost all angles making glare close to non-existent, something that is especially important close to work stations. Offices also contain other spaces such as corridors, coffee rooms, reception areas etc. for which optics from the LINNEA and FLORENCE families as well as from various track and spot lighting families are suitable.

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